Your brand is the single most important investment investment you can make in your business _ Steve Forbes We all know that quote but why do we need a brand photographer? Simply put, our brand message needs to be consistent across all platforms. Our brand  reflects.. the core values of you and your company. It tells your ideal clients who you are and what you are about. You need them to recognise your brand and grow to know, like and trust you. This means that you need to maintain consistency in order to avoid confusing your potential clients. Confusion leads to loss of trust and clients will not engage with you. Trying to maintain brand consistency with iPhone selfies or stock photographs is time consuming and doomed to failure. Finding enough images to feed the ravening beast of social media is a time sink and the one thing most business owners lack is time! A good brand photographer will spend time and effort getting to know you and your brand. This will result in a bank of images which perfectly reflect your brand which can be used on and offline for marketing, to refresh your website and feed your social media. Attracting more of your ideal clients, and giving you an online presence that you can be proud of. Surely that is an investment worth making?