I have created this page because I dislike sites that hide their pricing and insist on speaking to you before they will give you any idea of the cost of their service. I understand that professional photography is an investment but I also believe that it is a worthwhile one. On this page, you will find prices for the services which I most commonly provide. I am always open to different projects so please contact me directly if you don’t find the service on this page.

headshot of a young man with curly hair looking directly at the camera
Personal Headshots – From £175

Your headshot is the first impression that people have of you. Make it a good one! 

If you have been disappointed with your headshots in the past or would like to spend a little more time getting the perfect shot then book a Standard Headshot Session which will cost £175. We can spend an hour or more during which we can change the look (change of top/change from formal to informal etc) the lighting and the poses, giving you far more choice of images. In fact I GUARANTEE YOU WILL GO AWAY WITH IMAGES YOU LOVE! 

By shooting tethered to the computer we can review the images, change things around until we are getting exactly what you want! If we don’t create something you love you can walk away and I will refund your session fee.

At the end of the session, you can choose your favourite images and they will be sent to you electronically within five working days. 

First three images included. Additional images are charged at £30 each

Staff (group) Headshots- From £350

Bringing our studio to your workplace, we can photograph multiple staff members, cast members or any group you care to make. This will give you great headshots in just a few minutes with each person. Cost will vary depending on the number of staff you have but my half day rate is £350 including three images per staff member. 

If you are local to Tonbridge/Sevenoaks and only have a handful of staff members give me a ring and I will give you a bespoke price.

Headshot of a young woman with long brown hair looking directly at the photographer
Portrait of young woman and her daughter both smiling and looking at the camera. The daughter is holding a rag doll
Portrait Session – From £195

Whether you choose a portrait of yourself, a family member or a much loved pet, the images we take will endure. Capturing the moment forever. A portrait session will take up to two hours. We can capture a number of different poses, changes of clothing and different moods.  The cost of the session is £195

Group portrait sessions are the same price and are far more fun! We can photograph your whole family as well as the different generations, individuals and groups as required. Whoever you want photographed, get in touch and we will arrange the details.

Large groups can be accommodated but there may be an associated studio hire charge if there are more that four people. Feel free to ring me to discuss your needs.

Your session fee includes a complimentary framed image (8″ x 12′). Additional wall art or framed prints are charged individually

Brand Photography Session – From £395

A three hour photography session, carefully planned in advance to create images that you will be proud to use in all of your marketing including Social Media, Websites, printed material and much more.

We will spend time getting to know all about your business and your brand and plan a shoot which will encompass you, your client experience and your products or service. We aim to capture the essence of your brand and the ethos behind it so that when potential clients see your marketing, they will know how you will make them feel!

The session fee of £395 includes the first 20 images (delivered electronically). Additional images can be purchased at a cost of £100 for 10 images

Young woman holding a cupcake out towards the photographer. The cupcake is in focus and the face is out of focus
A small pile of red and pink macarons piled into a delicate porcelain cup
Macarons are such delicate morsels and they deserve a beautiful container
Food Photography – From £150

Whether you want your amazing dishes photographed in the restaurant or hero shots of your beautiful cakes, we can help. Cost for photography is £150 per hour with a Day rate of £500 (six hours) or a half day rate of £350 (three hours).

We would love to hear about your food so book a call here to chat about how we might be able to help you.